Window film benefits that fit your residential needs

You’ve probably heard of automotive window tinting, or window film. But have you heard of residential window film? Many of our clients had never heard of it until shortly before they bought it. And they are all fairly astounded when they find out just how many different residential window films are on the market, for so many different purposes.

When it comes to the benefits of window film, there are several areas to talk about. Some of them include energy savings, UV/fade protection, and security/loss protection. There are also decorative and privacy window films.

Each of our residential window films serves a different purpose, but there are some that are big multi-taskers, doing several things for the price of one. The most common and most requested of these high-tech products is Sun-Control window film.

This product is a money-saver in a variety of different ways.

1. Energy efficiency residential window film will save you money on your air conditioning bills every single summer after you have it installed. It works passively, by coating the glass with a substance that reflects the sun’s rays and does not conduct the heat through the glass into your home.

2. This exact same product saves you money on your heating bills all winter long as well, and with Colorado’s cold winters, that can be a very wonderful thing. It works by adding a barrier that does not allow the heat your furnace is generating to “escape” out of the window panes, keeping it in the house. You’ll be warmer and cozier, your furnace will have to work less, and your energy bill will see a corresponding decline.

3. The two preceding benefits might be enough to sell you on this type of residential window film. After all, who wouldn’t like to save up to 50 percent on heating and cooling bills, year after year, with an investment that pays for itself in approximately two to three years? But as they always say in television infomercials, “Wait! There’s more.”

4. This exact same energy efficiency window film also acts like a sunblock for your home. The sun’s UV rays are not just damaging to your skin and eyes, they will also fade upholstery, ruin artwork, and even fade your flooring and other furnishings. By blocking 99 percent of UV rays (and glare as well), the furnishings in your rooms will look newer longer, saving you money on replacing them.

We hope that’s given you some interesting information to chew on. For more info, or to receive a quote, or find out more about our other residential window film products, why not give us a call today?