School Security Plans Include New Procedures and Security Window Film

Increasing violence in our nation’s schools has parents, teachers, and administrators alike scrambling for solutions. Many school districts across the country are implementing detailed and comprehensive security plans, based on an in-depth analysis of their building or campus and the security measures they currently have in place, if any. In Denver, school security film has become a popular option in recent years due to its affordability and protective qualities.

Every type of educational institution from Universities down to child care facilities are seeking ways to keep their charges safe. Consultants such as SEC (Secure Education Consultants) are being called in more and more frequently to create a multi-pronged defense against various different threats that schools face today.

A school security plan should include three main components:

Thorough and customized assessment of the school in question. This assessment identifies all vulnerabilities in the school’s physical campus and policies and procedures.

Emergency preparedness plan, covering both man-made and natural emergencies. When working with a firm like SEC, their plans cover procedures for student evacuation, scenarios requiring students and staff to shelter in place, lock out procedures, lock down and reunification procedures. They offer hazard specific protocols for over 20 different emergency scenarios.

Training for staff and teachers in the best ways to implement the plan, and steps to take in case of a critical situation. The school security plan, therefore, needs to include a training program that addresses key elements of the preparedness plan as well as other emergency response related topics such as threat assessments and different prevention strategies.

Security Film

As part of the recommendations to each school, there might be physical additions or procedural changes. One such physical addition is the installation of a high performance school security window film in Denver.

This category of security films come in different thicknesses. Made of a heavy duty polyester, they are strong enough to hold the glass in the windows if it gets shattered. There are heavier, loss prevention films that can actually make the windows all but shatter proof, resistant to a flying softball or a brick. And there are bomb blast films that will protect people from the potentially fatal effects of flying glass in the case of an explosion.

Security Enhancement

All of these films have been rigorously tested both in the lab and in the field. They are an outstanding security enhancement for any school, college campus, child care center, government building, public facility, arena or stadium, corporate offices, or churches and other houses of worship.

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