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Solar Gard Window Film In Denver

When it comes to living your life beneath the intense Colorado sun, there is no better way to do so than to make sure you are comfortable at home and work. And, as it were, installing Solar Gard window film for your Denver space is one of the best ways to do this. A world-class brand, Solar Gard offers a variety of films to take care of nearly any issues you may be having with the windows of the places you work, live and relax–so you can do so in more comfort and with less money spent out of pocket.

Solar Gard Window Film For Homes

Whether you want to lower cooling costs or simply better insulate your home against the winter chill in Denver, Solar Gard is the right energy-efficient film.It lowers utility bills by up to 30%, meaning– the ROI on this film is only about 3-5 years. These films also protect the things you love the most: your family’s health and the furnishings you have worked hard to put in your Denver home.It blocks nearly 100% of harmful UV rays and offers an SPF of 285. Best of all these films are a carbon negative solution to living life in comfort, meaning when it comes to the environment, with Solar Gard, you are a small part of the solution not the growing problem of pollution.

Solar Gard Window Film For Commercial Spaces

The same energy efficiency benefits apply to commercial spaces as they do residential with Solar Gard, except for, in an environment where utility bills tend to be extremely high, the saving is that much more magnified.Plus, with Solar Gard, you save money on the frequent HVAC repairs that are a hallmark to large commercial spaces–because these films allow your HVAC systems to work more efficiently. Other issues unique to commercial spaces that Solar Gard solves is safety and security (Solar Gard window film delays intrusion and helps prevent flying glass) and low-cost graffiti mitigation and/or removal.

The Benefits of Solar Gard Window Film for Denver Properties

Solar Gard window film offers specialty energy-saving window film options for reducing energy costs all year-round. Enjoy superior heat rejection and UV protection properties with these incredible ROIs. Solar Gard is a great investment for residential and commercial properties alike.

Commercial Solar Gard Window Film for Offices and Businesses

Solar Gard films are the preferred choice for many architects and interior designers. Their sleek, modern appearance creates a pleasant aesthetic for both the interior and exterior of your building. If your building is prone to experience prolonged periods of intense sunlight, opt for the solar rejecting power of the Silver series. Or for improved comfort during the winter, choose Low-E Silver AG film.