Casper Cloaking Window Film For Denver Offices & Businesses

Casper Cloaking Window Films are the perfect solution for Denver businesses built on innovation and collaboration. Collaboration is key for running a successful business. Two minds are always better than one and when bright people come together and work as a team, great things happen. Businesses need open, collaborative offices, but at the same time, maintaining confidentiality is incredibly important. Unfortunately, because of technology, this is easier said than done. Today, everything is displayed on screens, and in an open office, it can be difficult to keep screens hidden. That’s where Casper Cloaking Films provide Denver businesses with a solution. Casper Cloaking Window Films hide screen contents and messaging without reducing glass clarity, allowing businesses to maintain an open, inviting feeling for their office.


casper black out before


Casper Black Out Screen After

The Benefits Casper Cloaking Window Film

Your business thrives off of collaboration. But your employees and clients need privacy, and sensitive information needs to be kept confidential. With Casper Cloaking Window Film, you can easily conceal screen contents without closing off rooms entirely. Here are some of the benefits of installing Casper Cloaking Window Film for your Denver business:

Confidentiality: Conceal data, sensitive personal information, and private emails and messages without having to resort to unattractive blinds or curtains

Elegance: Casper Cloaking films provide privacy while also heightening the aesthetic appearance of your office

Natural Light: Let the sunlight illuminate your office naturally and save money on energy expenses

How Do Casper Cloaking Window Films Work?

Casper Cloaking Window Films offer Denver businesses a revolutionary way to design offices for privacy while maintaining aesthetics. In today’s world, businesses are extremely dependent on their ability to use technology. However, in offices with glass walls or open conference rooms, it can be easy for people walking by to see the contents on tvs, computers, and LED displays.

Casper Cloaking Window Films are installed in a horizontal strip on glass that is strategically placed where screens are most visible from the outside. The film obscures light from LED displays, so that people walking by see nothing more than a black screen. This makes sharing confidential data and information during meetings much easier and more discreet. They strike the perfect balance between openess and privacy.