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Hanita Coatings Window Film Solutions for Denver Residential and Commercial Properties

Denver Window Film is honored to be the leading source for Hanita Coatings window film in the Denver area. Hanita Coatings versatile selection of residential and commercial window film solutions promote considerable energy savings, optimal safety, beautiful decorative options, and much more. Whether you’re looking to heighten the safety your office building in RiNo or save on your home energy bill in Glendale, we have the right Hanita Coatings solution for you.

Hanita Coatings SolarZone Window Film

Hanita Coatings SolarZone Window Film is an environmentally-conscious product that features high solar rejection and UV blocking capabilities. Improve comfort and energy efficiency in your Denver home or business.

Reduce cooling times by an average of 34%
Lower AC costs by up to 20%
Significant UV blocking and glare reduction properties
Available in different finishes, hues, and solar rejection grades

Hanita Coatings SafetyZone Window Film

Hanita Coatings SafetyZone Window Film delivers Denver property owners a thick, durable protective shield for glass surfaces. Defend the most vulnerable parts of your home or business with SafetyZone– this high-performing security film can defend your property from numerous threats. Developed and engineered from a top-grade polyester and commercial-grade adhesives, this security film provides comprehensive protection.

  • Mitigates broken glass and flying debris hazards by holding broken glass together after impact
  • Protects building occupants and valuables from impact, blasts, break-ins, natural disasters, and more
  • Delivers optical clarity for invisible protection

Hanita Coatings Decorative Window Film

Hanita Coatings Decorative Window Film offer customizable solutions that promote high-definition graphics and decals to your Denver business or home. Hanita utilizes a proprietary printing process that delivers outstanding vividness and graphic clarity for truly eye-catching decorative designs.

  • Provides long-lasting color and durability
  • Diffuses light and distorts views for privacy
  • Create sharp high-definition graphics for decorative design
  • Label face film options available for short-term, commercial applications