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Bird Divert for Denver Properties

Welcome to Denver Window Film, where innovation meets environmental conservation. We’re thrilled to introduce you to our groundbreaking product, Bird Divert, an ingenious bird safety window film. As proud members of the Denver community, we are dedicated to making our city safer for our avian friends. Bird Divert is the answer to a critical problem – bird collisions with glass surfaces. Below, we’ll explore how Bird Divert can protect Denver birds, prevent property damage, and enhance the safety of your property, all while being virtually invisible to the human eye. We proudly serve neighborhoods all across Denver, including Washington Park, Berkeley, The Highlands, Sloans Lake, and Hilltop.

Glass Collisions Are Placing Denver Birds at Risk

Every year, countless birds meet a tragic end due to collisions with glass surfaces. It’s a problem that affects Denver and the entire country. When birds encounter glass, they don’t perceive it as a barrier; instead, they see reflections of the environment around them. The consequence? Birds collide with houses, cottages, and buildings at an alarming rate. In North America, up to 1 billion birds die each year due to these collisions, with houses and cottages causing an estimated 25.9% of fatalities, low/mid-rise buildings causing an estimated 63.9%, and high-rise buildings causing an estimated 10.2%. Bird collisions are a significant threat to our feathered friends, and we have a solution.

As Denver residents, we’re well aware of the beauty and diversity of bird species that grace our neighborhoods. However, our glass structures have unwittingly become perilous obstacles for these magnificent creatures. The reflective nature of glass is deceptive to birds, leading to tragic collisions that result in injuries and fatalities. At Denver Window Film, we’re committed to addressing this problem with our innovative Bird Divert solution, tailored to the unique needs of our beloved city.

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Avoid Costly Glass Damage & Protect Birds

Enter Bird Divert, your answer to preventing bird collisions. Manufactured by National Window Film, Bird Divert is the most effective, optically-clear bird marker available on the market today. It’s a revolutionary product designed to make a real impact in reducing bird fatalities while preserving the aesthetics of your property. With Bird Divert, Denver property owners can enjoy the beauty of glass surfaces while helping birds stay safe.

Imagine your property as a haven for birds, where they can freely explore their surroundings without the risk of collisions. Bird Divert, developed by National Window Film, is a beacon of hope for our avian friends. This innovative solution is designed to deter birds from colliding with your glass surfaces, thus avoiding costly damage and tragic bird fatalities. Our commitment to protecting Denver’s bird population is embedded in every Bird Divert installation we perform.

How Bird Divert Works

Now, you might be wondering how this incredible technology works. Bird Divert is a UV absorbing/reflecting dot matrix that is durable and optically clear to the human eye. However, it appears black or violet to the avian eye, making it visible to birds but invisible to humans. This cutting-edge science is what makes Bird Divert such an effective solution in preventing bird collisions.

Bird Divert’s technology hinges on the distinctive visual capabilities of birds. Birds see a broader spectrum of light than humans, including ultraviolet (UV) light. This UV-absorbing and reflecting technology is designed to exploit this difference. It creates a pattern that is nearly transparent to humans but prominently visible to birds in the UV spectrum. This clever innovation effectively “diverts” birds away from the glass, saving lives and reducing the likelihood of costly glass damage.

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Features & Benefits of Bird Divert in Denver

Bird Divert is more than just a bird safety solution; it’s a comprehensive package that comes with various benefits. Let’s delve into some of the key features and benefits of Bird Divert that make it the ideal choice for bird safety in Denver:

  • It incorporates proprietary UV reflective and absorbing technology.
  • It is recognized by the American Bird Conservancy as the only industry-leading application to achieve a threat level of 18.
  • It qualifies commercial buildings for LEED pilot 55 certifications.
  • It comes with an industry-leading 5-year manufacturer warranty.

Bird Divert doesn’t just meet expectations; it exceeds them!

Proprietary UV Technology

Bird Divert incorporates advanced UV reflective and absorbing technology. This technology is at the heart of Bird Divert’s effectiveness, ensuring that birds can see and avoid the glass surfaces. This simple yet ingenious approach has a significant impact on reducing bird collisions.

Bird Divert’s proprietary UV technology is like a protective shield for your property. It leverages the remarkable visual spectrum of birds, leading them away from dangerous collisions. As these intelligent creatures perceive the UV-absorbing and reflecting patterns, they instinctively change their course, ensuring their safety while preserving your glass surfaces.

Industry Recognition

Bird Divert’s stellar performance hasn’t gone unnoticed. The American Bird Conservancy, a trusted authority in avian conservation, has awarded Bird Divert with a threat level rating of 18. This accolade places Bird Divert in a league of its own, as the sole industry-leading solution for mitigating bird collisions. Additionally, it’s also endorsed by the National Audubon Society. When you choose Bird Divert, you’re investing in a product with a proven track record of success.

Versatile Applications

Bird Divert is versatile and can be applied to various commercial settings. Whether you want to reduce bird collisions at existing buildings or design a new bird-friendly structure, Bird Divert has you covered. It even qualifies your commercial building for LEED pilot 55 certifications, demonstrating your commitment to sustainability and bird safety.

Your vision for a bird-friendly environment is within reach with Bird Divert. Our solution is adaptable to your specific needs, whether you’re renovating an existing structure or planning a new bird-friendly building. Plus, Bird Divert’s qualification for LEED pilot 55 certifications aligns your property with industry-leading sustainability standards, showcasing your dedication to both ecological and architectural excellence.

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Invisible to Humans, Visible to Birds

One of Bird Divert’s unique features is its invisibility to humans. This optically-clear film is designed to be seen only by birds. You can enjoy unobstructed views and natural light while knowing that you’re providing a safer environment for our feathered friends.

Enjoy the view without compromise. Bird Divert’s innovative design is virtually invisible to the human eye, ensuring that you can continue to bask in the natural light and unobstructed vistas your property offers. At the same time, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’re fulfilling your role in making Denver a safer place for birds.

Endorsed by Avian Experts

Bird Divert is not only recognized by the American Bird Conservancy but also endorsed by the National Audubon Society. This dual endorsement demonstrates the credibility and reliability of Bird Divert as a solution to bird collisions. When you choose Bird Divert for your Denver home or business, you’re choosing a product backed by experts in avian conservation.

Our commitment to bird safety is further solidified by the endorsement of the National Audubon Society. This esteemed organization, dedicated to the protection of birds and their habitats, recognizes Bird Divert as a trustworthy and effective solution. The combined endorsement from the National Audubon Society and the American Bird Conservancy reinforces the credibility and reliability of Bird Divert.


To provide peace of mind to our valued customers, Bird Divert comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty. We stand behind the quality and durability of our product, ensuring that you have a long-lasting solution to bird collisions.

Our confidence in the durability and effectiveness of Bird Divert is unwavering. To underscore this, we offer a comprehensive 5-year manufacturer warranty, providing you with peace of mind. We’re committed to the long-term protection of your property and the well-being of our feathered friends.

Bird Divert Product Details

For those who love the nitty-gritty details, here’s what you need to know about Bird Divert:

1. 98% Visible Light Transmission (VLT): Bird Divert maintains a 98% Visible Light Transmission, ensuring that your property’s natural lighting and scenic views remain virtually unchanged. You won’t have to sacrifice the beauty of your surroundings for the safety of birds.

2. 3.2mm Thickness: With a thickness of 3.2mm, Bird Divert is engineered for durability and longevity. It can withstand the elements and continue to provide protection for years to come.

3. Made of PVC Acrylic Hard Coat Material: Bird Divert is crafted from high-quality PVC acrylic hard coat material. This robust material offers both resilience and effectiveness, ensuring that Bird Divert can withstand the test of time and environmental factors.

4. Designed for Exterior Application: Bird Divert’s exterior application makes it a versatile solution for a wide range of properties. Whether your property is a towering high-rise or a charming cottage, Bird Divert is ready to safeguard it.

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Compliance with Building Code Requirements

Many cities and regions are enacting local laws that require building owners to comply with bird-friendly design requirements. Denver is no exception, and Bird Divert can help you meet these requirements effortlessly. By choosing Bird Divert for your Denver property, you not only protect birds but also ensure that your property aligns with current regulations.

Denver, like many cities, is acknowledging the importance of bird-friendly building practices. In an effort to protect our avian neighbors, local laws are being enacted to enforce bird-friendly design requirements. Choosing Bird Divert is not just a proactive step in preserving bird populations; it’s also a practical way to comply with evolving regulations and demonstrate your commitment to a more bird-friendly Denver.

Learn More About the Benefits of Bird Divert in Denver

Denver Window Film proudly offers Bird Divert for all of Denver, including Washington Park, Berkeley, and beyond. Our commitment to bird safety is unwavering, and we’re excited to help you reduce bird collisions and preserve bird populations in our city. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or get a quote. Together, we can make Denver a safer place for birds and enhance the beauty and safety of your property.

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