Education Matters

Schools are the most important part of our society’s infrastructure. At Denver Window Film, we take pride in providing the very best products to the teachers and students of Colorado schools. Window film offers Denver schools an effective solution to improving security, energy efficiency, and more. Every sort of education center, from the University of Colorado to Lincoln Elementary School, deserves the best amenities for their students and teachers.

Safety Rules

Security in schools is of the utmost importance. With the unfortunate advent of violence in schools becoming more and more prevalent, schools need to be prepared for any eventuality to keep their students and teachers safe. Scotchgard Security window film systems from 3M can prevent exterior and interior school windows from shattering in the case of a violent attack or a severe weather incident. Protect what matters in your school with a window film upgrade from Denver Window Film.

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Keep Students Focused

No matter what age, students all have the tendency to get off track from time to time. Harsh florescent lights, common in classrooms, can exacerbate this tendency. Daylight Redirecting Window Film technology has been shown to improve productivity by removing the need to utilize unnatural florescent light all day long. Plus it prevents glare in computer labs and stops classrooms from overheating, which is especially important in schools that hold classes year round.

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No more school year blues

Though we always get the winter holidays off of school, students usually have to be in classrooms during the chilliest months of the year. And for students sitting next to drafty windows, these months can be a super bummer. Insulate all of your school’s windows with window film in Denver! Thinsulate Climate Control film to keep classrooms warm in the winter, cool in the summer and free of UV radiation all year. And save some cash for your school while you’re at it!

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As Cool as School

Especially in large public schools, energy expenditures on air conditioning can get a little out of hand during hot spring and summer months. Keep your students cool, reduce annoying late afternoon glare, and prevent UV damage to expensive school equipment with Sun Control Window Film from Denver Window Film. This simple upgrade can help administrators save much needed educational funds on electrical bills, so you can focus on what’s really important.

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