From 4 Star to 5 Star

Class up your hotel’s exterior and amenities with an inexpensive hotel window film from Denver Window Film. Our window film products are as unique as your many guests, you’ll find everything you need to take your hotel interiors and exterior from ordinary to extraordinary.

Guest Privacy

Decorative window film is a stylish upgrade for your glass showers and hotel conference rooms that can add sophistication and value to your existing hotel amenities. We have over 50 different styles of standard frosted and textured finishes, or you can choose to custom design your own decorative window film applications. Custom designs can help promote brand awareness and achieve a look that is uniquely yours.

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Ultimate Comfort

In recent years, Denver has become a prime attraction for tourists year-round. Make sure your guests are comfortable no matter if its a snowy February night or a hot July afternoon with Thinsulate Climate Control Window film. This new film from 3M is a great solution to help your hotel save money on heating and cooling bills, and works to stop UV in it’s tracks. See why so many hotel owners in Colorado are choosing Thinsulate.

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Peace of Mind for All

Protect your guests, staff and all of your valuable art, technology, and other assets with a security window film upgrade. Security hotel window film in Denver deters violent break-ins, accidents, and weather related damage, especially if you have a beautiful open lobby with floor to ceiling windows.

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Be Green, Save Green

Conserve costly hotel energy expenditures with Sun Control Window Film. Not only does our sun control window film help conserve air conditioning costs, it can also protect furniture, floors and decor from fading.

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