To Protect and Serve

Many of our nation’s most important government organizations call Denver their home. And, what would a city be without it’s police force, fire department, courthouses and libraries? If you run one of these vitally important facilities, consider improving your government building with window film from Denver Window Film.

Defending the Defenders

Colorado’s government facilities, whether county, city, district, state or national in jurisdiction, are home to important and irreplaceable documents and individuals. A safety window film upgrade from Denver Window Film can help government employees and assets stay safe from harm in the event of a violent attack, bomb blast, or sudden weather event. Our 3M Scotchgard window attachment systems combined with our ultra prestige window film stops terrorism or robbery attempts in their tracks, and thats the sort of protection everyone can benefit from.

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Colorado Chills

In Denver, we natives and residents know to expect the unexpected. Our Thinsulate Climate Control Window Films do just that, insulating windows year round. Keep the weather outside where it belongs, and get rid of drafty windows without costly window replacements with a climate control window film upgrade from Denver Window Film.

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Elegance & Privacy

In a government office work space, privacy is as paramount as transparency. Though in many traditional government office areas the cubicle walls are very low, a stylish frosted window film upgrade can add some serious sophistication to an office interior without disrupting necessary workflow. Courthouses, police stations and other government facilities can greatly benefit from a stylish decorative window film facelift, bringing dull lobbies and hallways to life.

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Boost Productivity

We all know office work can get tedious. Hot cubicles and glare on computer screens can make this work all the more difficult. Brighten your office interiors without excessive heat and glare with the revolutionary Daylight Redirecting Window Film from 3M. This incredible film causes natural light entering office windows to project upwards onto the ceiling, eliminating glare and helping employees focus and feel comfortable in their work space.

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UV & Heat Prevention

In our sunny state, energy bills can get costly. Sun Control Window Film from 3M is designed to keep spaces cool, and defend against unwanted UV radiation. UVA rays that are not deterred by regular windows can cause serious damage to computers, hardwood floors and furniture. So keep your vital resources safe and keep your energy bills down for your government building with window film from Denver Window Film.

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