Trust The Professionals

Window film installation is not as easy as it might seem, thats why we trust our team of certified window film experts to conduct the installation process at every residential and commercial site. At Denver Window Film, our experts have been installing window film in homes, businesses and other large scale operations for nearly a decade. Our top of the line 3M residential window film products are backed by a lifetime warranty, and all of our Commercial installations are under warranty for 10 years. Want to know how the window film installation process works?



This process generally takes 10-15 minutes per window but will vary based upon the size and complexity of the location and desired finished product.


First, your window film installer will get your windows super clean. We do this using a combination of water, a simple cleaning agent and a specialized razor blade, utilized to ensure there is not even a speck of residue on your windows before we begin installation. Once the windows are free of any sort of debris or dust, we wet them down with water and soap to begin the attachment process.


After the window is soaked, your installer will apply your chosen window film to the windows surface. At first, we cut the film so that about 1/2 inch of extra surface area extends past the glass. But don’t worry, it wont stay like that. Your installer will make an initial seal of film to glass using a squeegee to smooth the film so that it lays perfectly flat against the glass without any air pockets or trapped debris. Then he or she will then trim the film precisely to the edge of your window.


Finally, your installer will take a tiny specialized squeegee and push the remaining water out from underneath the film. Afterwards he or she will take the time to clean the window yet again, ensuring a perfect finish. Thats it! Your window is looking beautiful in no time.


If you are installing security window film on a commercial building, an additional attachment system may be required or recommended to increase security. The attachment system is installed after the security film is applied, and runs around the interior edge of the windows between the glass and the frame. In the case of a severe blow to the window as the result of a bomb blast or other violent impact, the film will hold the glass together, while the attachment system ensures that the window will remain in its frame despite the pressure on its surface.