The Newest Anti Graffiti Film in Denver

Each day, Denver is humming with the buzz of hundreds of commercial businesses at work. From small mom and pop restaurants to large multinational corporations, many business owners have decided to set up shop in the city due its healthy economy. Standing on the sidewalk, both new and historical buildings can be seen existing side by side, each with throngs of customers stepping in and out of their doors every day.

Even though Colorado’s economy is booming, there are still parts of the Denver that are starting to become run down and experience a higher level of crime. For business owners close by to these areas, this poses an increased threat of property crime and vandalism. Some of these buildings end up becoming victim to property damage and graffiti.

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A Solution to Damage Caused by Graffiti

One smart-thinking company hasn’t let the problem of graffiti to go unnoticed. Graffiti Shield offers anti-graffiti protective film in Denver to control problems imposed for business owners by vandalism. Anti graffiti film is designed to cover existing damage such as scratching and etching caused by graffiti and protect surfaces from future vandalism. It is a durable, removable film that adheres to aluminum and stainless steel surfaces and looks exactly like metal.

The Latest Innovation in Anti Graffiti Film for Denver

The experts at Graffiti Shield have recently amped up their product line with a new, high performance anti graffiti film, The Metal Shield Stainless Steel 6-Mil. This highly durable film provides protection for stainless steel surfaces and is designed to match the appearance of the escalators and elevators currently on the market. It features benefits such as acid resistance and a removable adhesive, making it one of the most desirable films available.

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Applications for Anti Graffiti Film

Anti graffiti film for Denver commercial businesses can be customized to fit practically any specifications. It is available in 25’ increments or at a roll size of 60”x100’. This protective film is a practical solution for a wide range of applications, including:
Restroom partitions
Advertising media
Escalator sides and surrounds
Elevator cabs and doors
Bus shelters
Public transit
Ticket vending machines
Theme parks
Movie theaters

Have a Graffiti Problem in Denver?

Avoid costly expenses from replacing full surfaces. Instead, contact the experts at Denver Window Film for anti graffiti film. Our Denver professionals can help you fix your graffiti problem today.

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