Can Daylight Redirecting Film Improve Your Office’s Productivity and Lower Energy Costs?

As the owner of growing business, you’re always looking for new innovations and techniques that can create advancements and opportunities for your company. Therefore you’ll be happy to know that recently a new product has appeared on the market that has shown to drastically improve employee productivity and reduce operational costs. Daylight redirecting film for Denver commercial businesses is designed to improve office workplaces and cut down electrical costs.

What is Daylight Redirecting Film?

Daylight redirecting film is a window film that’s designed to bring sunlight further into the interior of your building to provide for a significant increase in natural sunlight and comfort. It’s statistically proven to reduce lighting costs, cut down on glare, and boost occupant happiness and productivity.

Scientifically Optimized for Distributing Natural Light

Daylight redirecting film is made of microstructured prisms that shift 80% of the sunlight coming into your building up towards the ceiling. It then diffuses the light to evenly distribute it throughout the room. It’s installed in the top portion of your windows to allow natural light to reach further into your building.

daylight redirecting film denver office

Natural Light Creates a Positive Work Environment

The benefits of daylight redirecting film for Denver commercial buildings are eminent for both business owners and employees. Increased amounts of natural sunlight in an office environment has shown undoubtedly valuable results such as:

  • Boosts in employee productivity rates
  • Decreased frequency of absences
  • Significantly reduced energy costs
  • Increased occupant comfort

Applications for Daylight Redirecting Film in Denver

A wide range of businesses use daylight redirecting film in Denver to create a more positive environment for their office or commercial building. Some common applications include:

  • Office buildings
  • Hotels & restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Schools & universities
  • Government buildings
  • Healthcare facilities & hospitals

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