The Importance of Security Film for Denver Stadiums, Arenas, and Public Spaces

Being a sports fan is almost a requirement for living in Denver. Everyone who lives in Denver watches some form of sports, whether they’re rooting on the Broncos during football season or cheering on the Rockies, the Avalanche, or the Nuggets.

Every year, thousands of people gather in Denver stadiums and sports arenas to get a glimpse of the city’s great teams in action. For building owners, keeping these places safe for the public and players is top priority.

That’s why security film is so important for Denver stadiums, arenas, and public spaces. Security film provides the advanced security and protection that large buildings need during sporting events to keep everyone safe. These window films are easy to install and an affordable investment too.

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How Security Film Makes Stadiums Safer

Security film make stadiums safer for those who work and gather there by protecting occupants from glass damage. When glass is broken, whether it’s by accident or intent, it can create a seriously hazardous situation. At high levels of impact, glass shatters and millions of tiny little pieces and splinters are cast off at high speeds, almost like shrapnel. This can create a life threatening situation and lead to major bodily injuries.

Security film makes stadiums safer because it helps prevent damage to building interiors and keeps occupants safe from broken glass. On the inner side of the film, there are strong adhesives, similar to tape but stronger, that latch onto the glass. If the window panes are broken, these adhesives along with the film lock the broken glass pieces in place, preventing them from flying off across the room.

Types of Security Window Film & Attachment Systems

When it comes to choosing a security window film, it’s important to consider what the biggest threats are for your stadium. Some films are excellent for theft prevention and can delay an intruder for several minutes time. However, many stadiums now opt for more advanced films because of the recent violent attacks and shootings that have occured in the past year.

Here are just some of the many types of security window film systems:
3M Safety and Security Window Film
Llumar Security Window Film
3M Impact Protection Systems
C-Bond Ballistic Resistant Window Film
Solar Control Security Window Film

Your window tinting contractor will work with you to discover the best option for your building and budget. Learn more:The Importance of Security Window Film for Denver Public Buildings

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