Increasing the Safety and Privacy of Denver Hospitals With Window Film

As the amount of violent crimes and attacks increase on hospitals across the globe, increasing security measures has become a necessity. Improving safety and security in Denver hospitals is must especially considering the times we live in. Often times upgrading costly security systems can be out-of-budget for many hospitals. Luckily, window film provides an affordable solution that can be utilized in hospitals throughout Denver.

Benefits of Window Film for Denver Hospitals

Window film provides numerous benefits for Denver hospitals that can drastically increase security measures and provide safety and comfort for both your patients and staff members. Safety and security film delivers comprehensive protection from major unknown threats including explosions, natural disasters, break-ins, burglaries, and more. By mitigating flying debris and broken glass hazards, window film prevents the leading causes of blast-related deaths and significant injury. Bomb blast and ballistic resistant film provides further protection against explosions and gunfire– perfect for security centers or entry points. Privacy film can obscure unwanted views from outside of your hospital, offering comfort and seclusion for your patients and staff. This also offers another layer of security so assailants can’t look in and scope out the hospital. Your patients and staff members will feel at ease knowing that they’re safe and secure, and be able to focus on their healing process and productivity.

Installing Security Window Film in Your Denver Hospital

Denver Window Film always starts any security film installation process with a comprehensive threat assessment. This provides accurate cost-benefit analysis and allows Denver hospital owners to make the most out of their security film investment. The assessment also determines the need and recommendations for attachment systems and glass strengthening agents or primers. We ensure a timely, professional installation process so your hospital can benefit immediately.

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