Case Study Reveals How Denver Transit Systems Can Benefit from 3M Building Wrap

A recent case study was conducted by the 3M Group about the benefits of building wrap for transit systems. The Sloterdijk railway station decided to install building wrap after the metal surfaces of their system began to degrade. The results indicate that building wrap could have similar benefits for Denver transit systems as well.

Here’s the situation.

In order to understand the full situation of this story, it’s important to know about the design of the Sloterdijk railway. Amsterdam Sloterdijk is a major railway station that’s located on the line which travels from Amsterdam Central to Harlem. The railway is most famously known for it’s “tube” design. The rail trucks run through a series of tunnels that are made partly of aluminum.

After years of being exposed to the weather and the elements, the metal part of the tubes began to show signs of wear and the railway faced a serious threat of no longer being able to comply with the standards of the NS. But replacing all of the aluminum panels with new ones would be both expensive and time consuming.

The solution? 3M Building wrap.

That’s why Dutch Railways decided to consult 3M. 3M recommended installing building wrap. DI-NOC Architectural Finishes was applied to the worn down metal to restore its appearance and protect it from the weather. The film offered a more affordable way to restore the damaged tunnels than replacing them and save the railway owners quite a bit of money.

And the best part of all is that the building wrap has a lifetime expectancy which is backed by a considerable warranty. In the unlikely event that the film breaks down or becomes damaged, the warranty will be able to take care of some if not all of the costs of replacement.

Building Wrap for Denver Transit Systems

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