How to Keep Art and Furniture From Fading in Denver Museums with Window Film

Denver is really blessed with a lot of sunshine even during the cold, snowy winter months. With incredible natural sunlight available pretty much year-round, many museums may want to take advantage of this benefit. Unfortunately, without the proper solution, sunlight can severely damage art and furniture. UV exposure leads to fading, discoloration, and permanent damage. In order to take advantage of Colorado’s natural sunlight without jeopardizing the condition of priceless valuables, window film is the best and only option.

Advantages of UV Protection Window Film for Your Denver Museum

UV protection window film delivers a highly effective solution that’s capable of blocking out up to 99.9% of UVB and UVA rays. With the combined technology of solar heat rejection, all artwork, artifacts, and expensive investments remain in their original condition untouched by the sun. With UV and solar heat protection in place, museums can utilize natural sunlight for all of their exhibits in order to lower lighting costs. Energy efficiency is also achievable with window film installation offering year-round savings and better comfort for the viewing experience. Museums often have to keep a cool temperature throughout in order to better maintain art exhibits– energy efficient window film ensures all cooling efforts are maximized and stay within the establishment.

Choosing the Right Window Film Contractor in Denver

Denver Window Film understands the higher exposure to UV radiation experienced here in Colorado, providing specifically engineered solutions that address all the concerns any museum may have. We’ve worked with countless commercial clients throughout the years in their effort to address sun damage and UV issues. As the leading window film contractor, we have access to all the top UV blocking window films available in the market.

For more information regarding the different UV blocking window film options for your Denver museum, please contact us!