The Importance Of Bulletproof Vs. Bullet-Resistant Glass

Why Install Security Window Film For Your Denver Home?

Denver Window Film is the area’s leading window film installer. From Lakewood to Aurora and Westminster to Highlands Ranch, we service it all. While primarily we focus on window tint for the problems homeowners experience from the ultra-bright Colorado sun, we install security glass. Typically, one would see safety glass in airports, banks and other locations that need the highest type of security or may be vulnerable to something like a terrorist attack. However, a growing number of homeowners in the Denver area, are installing it to protect their belongings and those they love. Below are some of the increasingly frequent questions we are fielding in the Denver/Metro market.

Is It Really Bulletproof?

It may surprise you but the answer is–no. Because with enough time and effort or simply a big enough caliber bullet, an intruder can breach any supposed indestructible, “bulletproof” glass. As such, We prefer to use the term bullet-resistant. Glass treated by our experts with C-bond film provides an invisible “safety barrier” that protects your windows from high impact force and severe stress environments.

As you see below, the C-bond treated glass still breaks after the impact of 5 bullets but the glass stays in place–meaning no dangerous flying glass debris and in the case of an intruder–time for you to escape.

Bullet Resistant Window Film Test - 1 Scottish Window Tinting

How Does It Work?

The best explanation of how C-bond works come directly from their mouths. According to their site:

“The unique qualities of C-Bond enable ordinary glass to dissipate energy by penetrating beneath the molecular surface and reconfiguring a hybrid spider web framework within the microscopic fibers of the glass structure.”

In layman’s terms, C-bond basically changes the glass on a molecular level to making it strong and keeping it from shattering.

What Does It protect from?

As you obviously know bullet-resistant glass protects from bullets. However, it also is a protective barrier from:

-Bomb blasts
-Hammer blows
-Flying debris
-Hurricane force winds

Denver’s Security Window Film Experts

In a perfect world, security glass is something no regular Joe would need, but unfortunately, that is not the world we live in. Man-made threats aside, security glass is an important consideration for those concerned about natural disasters as well. When it comes to safety for the general public and families, failure is not an option. Which is why–who you choose as a security window film installer is critical to your protection. If you are considering security glass for a residential or commercial application, contact Denver Window Film, the security glass experts. We have over a decade of experience and are constantly honing our security film installation skills. We are happy to answer all your questions and give a free, in-home, consultation.

Mike Kinsey has successfully completed hundreds of window film installs in Kansas City and throughout the U.S., accounting for more than 250,000 square ft. of film. As the head of operations, he is personally in charge of overseeing every install and ensuring that all procedures go smoothly. His years of experience in construction and project management give him the unique ability to accurately diagnose areas of concern and implement a plan to remedy the situation. Mike is a subject matter expert and is intensely familiar with all different types of window film as well as leading brands. He is well equipped to handle both residential and commercial projects and is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.