Make Safety A Priority for Denver Churches with Ballistic Resistant Window Film

Why Churches In Denver Need Ballistics Protection

Denver is a wonderful city and a pretty safe on at that. However, at this point in our countries history, seemingly random attacks are being carried out more often and churches, sadly, are often the target. Unfortunately, this means that many congregations need to take measure to protect themselves: hire security guards, put up cameras, and/or secure windows, and doors. In regards to the latter, at Denver Window Film, we are able to provide security window film to help secure the weakest parts of any churches exterior–the windows, and doors. This powerful protection against possible gun attacks on your church is the best way to “hope for the best but prepare for the worst” and will give you peace of mind. Read on to find out just how window film can help protect your Denver church.

Powerful Ballistics Resistant Window Film To Protect Your Denver Church

Here at Denver Window Film, we specialize in safety and security window film systems. Many people see window film as too thin to protect against bullets but these high tech films, which are thicker than solar films, will definitely hinder and possibly stop an attacker from gaining entry through the windows or doors. Even if an attacker shoots directly into the glass, it will not easily give way, allowing your congregation time to escape and/or hide or more time for first responders get there and neutralize the threat. Since there is no such thing as truly “bulletproof” glass, safety and security films, treated with C-Bond and housed in a specialty frame system are definitely the next best thing.

What is C-Bond Adhesive?

As mentioned C-Bond is an advanced adhesive that strengthens glass on a molecular level to offer the best results when used with window film. In fact, C-bond has been nano-engineered to make glass more flexible and keep it adhered to the film in the event of a high-velocity strike bullet strike or even bomb blast. This adhesive, paired with high-tech films in a specialty frame makes it very difficult to penetrate a glass window or door even after multiple gunshots.

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