Protect your car from chipping

When it comes to car window films, Denver residents are most commonly familiar with the dark tint that their vehicles usually come with. But there are a variety of other car window films Denver vehicle owners might be interested to hear about. One of the most interesting is a vehicle window film that doesn’t actually go on your windows at all!

With this type of car window film, Denver vehicles have it applied to the front end: the hood, the fenders, perhaps even the doors. Its purpose is to protect the car or truck’s finish from the hazards of the Denver highways, which can be numerous indeed.

Picture this scenario with no car window film, Denver: you’ve just left the dealer’s showroom with your beautiful, brand new, latest model, fully loaded sports utility vehicle. You are dreaming of ski trips, packing your friends in to go hiking, and all manner of good fun that this new vehicle will allow you to have. And you are certainly not thinking of the fact that the second you drive off the lot, your beautiful new SUV starts to depreciate in value.

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You continue to drive along, hitting the highway, enjoying the powerful hum of the engine and the smooth acceleration. It has recently snowed, and there’s finish-dulling salt or sand or something on the roads for traction. In front of you, bits of debris are flying off a dump truck, slamming into your front end. Around you, other vehicles are churning past, throwing up pebbles and all manner of other roadside enemies to your paint’s finish. The front end of your new pride and joy might be dinged and dulled before you ever even reach the safety of your garage! But with paint protection car window film, Denver car lovers can protect their brand new investment and ensure that their car’s finish stays beautiful for years longer.

This car window film, Denver savvy vehicle owners are learning, can help their cars not just stay new looking, but maintain as much value as possible as the years go by. Because of course, one of the main things a potential used car buyer looks at is the paint finish. Chipped, rusted, scratched automatically means less money in either a sale or a trade-in, because nothing ages the look of a car faster.

For more information about any product in our line of car window films, Denver or up and down the Front Range, we hope that you will contact us today. We are always happy to answer any questions about our products or offer a quote for a window film job. We also offer UV block car window film, heat block car window film, and a cutting edge line of both residential and commercial window film products.

Mike Kinsey has successfully completed hundreds of window film installs in Kansas City and throughout the U.S., accounting for more than 250,000 square ft. of film. As the head of operations, he is personally in charge of overseeing every install and ensuring that all procedures go smoothly. His years of experience in construction and project management give him the unique ability to accurately diagnose areas of concern and implement a plan to remedy the situation. Mike is a subject matter expert and is intensely familiar with all different types of window film as well as leading brands. He is well equipped to handle both residential and commercial projects and is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.