Window film for all of your commercial window film needs.

Window film has been installed on commercial buildings for many different reasons. Energy savings, security, anti-graffiti, and even bomb-blast protection purposes to name a few. There is also a full line of commercial window film products that are strictly decorative.

Regardless of why you need window film, Denver Window Film is ready to get started on your window film project. We’d love to discuss your business’ needs and show you our outstanding line of products. Let’s take a quick run through each of the ones we’ve mentioned, to see if it might be right for your office or other commercial space.


1. Sun Control window film: this product provides a thermal coating to your windows, blocking solar heat gain in summer and preventing interior heat loss in the winter. These days, many modern buildings are built with larger and larger windows, which looks great but can wind up costing you a fortune in heating and cooling costs. You can save up to 50 percent on those costs with the installation of this particular commercial window film.

2. Security Window Film: this type of commercial window film adheres a super strong polyester mesh to the existing window panes. You won’t see it, but if someone tries to break in via smashing the window, they will leave without success. The mesh holds the glass in place in the window pane, eliminating any mess all over your floors from a smashed window and eliminating a criminal’s dreams of access into your premises.

3. Anti-graffiti: this commercial window film has been a boon for merchants and business owners in urban areas where graffiti artists seem to flourish. Of course, they believe what they are doing is art, but do you? Do you want their scribblings on your expensive plate glass window? With an anti-graffiti window film, all you’ll have to do is peel it right off the outside of the window, and your graffiti goes with it. Then, simply give us a call to have a new one installed.

4. 3M Security Attachment Systems: this is a product that we hope you will never actually need. But it is perfect for government buildings or other municipal buildings with large windows, that might be targets for terrorists. These attachment systems bind the window to the window frame in case of sudden high impact. When coupled with our Ultra Prestige Series Security Window Film, windows will be much less likely to shatter due to an impact, which can easily turn a window into a mass of deadly projectiles in the unfortunate event that there is a bomb or terrorist attack.

5. Decorative: this commercial window film can add style and interest to your business. It comes in colors, patterns, and various degrees of translucency to even add privacy.

Why not give us a call today to discuss our line of commercial window films and find out which one is perfect for your business needs?