How 3M Thinsulate Window Film Can Help Denver Historical Government Buildings

One common problem that historic government buildings often run into is that they lack proper insulation. This can ruin the internal temperature of the building, lead to excess heat loss, and make occupants uncomfortable. That’s why you need 3M Thinsulate Window Film for your Denver office or government building. 3M Thinsulate is a climate control film that works to regulate the amount of heat transfer that occurs in your building. It cuts energy costs and improves indoor comfort. With this window film, you can kiss all those unforgiving Colorado winters goodbye for good.

Case Study Reveals How 3M Thinsulate Improves Historic Buildings

A recent case study recently conducted by 3M revealed the effects of Thinsulate on older or historic buildings. The Minnesota Governor’s residence was built in 1912. The building is a sprawling tudor style mansion complete with a set of immense, yet captivating French style windows. Though these windows are undeniably one of the most attractive architectural features in the building, they were built with single pane glass and therefore lacked proper insulation.

In addition, a new law was recently instated in Minnesota that mandated greater energy efficiency for government buildings. Yet, paradoxically, in order to keep its listing on the National Register of Historic Places, a large portion of the original structure had to be kept in tact. Therefore, replacing the glass wasn’t an option. That’s why the owners decided to install window film.

3M Thinsulate window film allowed for preservation of the original architecture and solved the building’s energy problem. This climate control film allowed for the same energy saving benefits of double pane windows at nearly a fraction of the cost. The film also had a neutral color, and therefore the appearance of the building was also left unaltered. And it also protected the home’s antique furnishings from being damaged by fade causing UV rays.

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Window Film for Your Denver Government Office or Historic Building

You too can achieve the benefits of window film for your Denver government office or historic building. Contact Denver Window Film today to schedule an appointment for a free consultation or get more information. You could be just one small step away from saving potentially thousands of dollars on energy costs.