Seasonal Decorative Window Film for the Holidays

The Holiday Season is here! It’s time to get out all of your decorations and get festive! Thinking about trying something new for your decorations? Consider installing decorative window film in your Denver business! There are many ways these window tints can help you decorate this season.


 Why Use Decorative Window Film During the Holidays?

The exterior of your commercial business is more than just a building. It’s a statement of your business and an extension of your brand! It’s time to treat it as such by installing decorative window film in your Denver business. 


Where Can I Install Decorative Film?

You can use films to decorate the outside of your building for the holidays. They’re easy to install on your windows or use as seasonal building wraps. These products are versatile too! In addition to using them to decorate for this season, you can swap them out seasonally.

After the outside of your Denver business is outfitted with decorative window film, you’ll want to consider your interior. Any glass surfaces can provide a place for these coatings! With options like frosted glass and other patterns, even a glass door can be festive!


What Are the Benefits of Decorative Window Tinting?

Being able to change out the aesthetic of your window’s film provides a great opportunity to offer advertising options. By increasing your building’s curb appeal, you open your business up to possibilities. Other big-name companies may want to lease space on your building wrap to advertise their store. You can also use the opportunity to increase your brand visibility if you’re in an area with high foot traffic!

Not only do these decorative window coatings offer style, but they can also offer function. Decorating your windows with frosted glass or other patterns provides a privacy screen. It helps protect sensitive information from unintended audiences and also creates a better sense of security. 


Contact Us for Decorative Window Film Installation

If you want to be ready for the holidays, we’re here to answer all of your questions about installing decorative window film in your Denver business! Schedule a consultation today, and continue your holiday decorating journey! 


Mike Kinsey has successfully completed hundreds of window film installs in Kansas City and throughout the U.S., accounting for more than 250,000 square ft. of film. As the head of operations, he is personally in charge of overseeing every install and ensuring that all procedures go smoothly. His years of experience in construction and project management give him the unique ability to accurately diagnose areas of concern and implement a plan to remedy the situation. Mike is a subject matter expert and is intensely familiar with all different types of window film as well as leading brands. He is well equipped to handle both residential and commercial projects and is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.