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Could Glare Be a Workplace Safety Issue?

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of workplace safety is probably keeping people safe from obvious dangers like slip and falls or shattering glass. Same with us! But over the years we have realized that threats to workers can be invisible or intangible–like glare. Glare is a silent, slow threat to […]

How Glare Reduction Window Film Can Help Students Stay Productive on Denver Campuses

It’s easy for students to get distracted, especially when they’re struggling with a subject. By creating a good environment for them to study in, you’ll boost their productivity and help them improve focus. The more you can minimize distractions around the classroom, in libraries, and study areas, the better off they’ll be. And installing glare […]

Excessive Window Glare At High Altitude Is Real And We Can Help!

The Science Behind High Altitude Sun Glare: It’s Not Just In Your Head Denver, Colorado, often known as the gateway to the Rockies sits at exactly a mile high and although it is a beautiful playground for outdoor lovers and adventurists, it is also a place where residents must deal with problems that come along […]