Save Costs and Consider Metal Restoration for Denver Transit Centers

Graffiti Shield For Denver Transit

As Denver, CO, thrives and burgeons with each passing year, more and more people are coming to rely on our public transportation systems. Maintaining, expanding, and improving our transportation infrastructure has become a top civic priority. Rampant graffiti makes for blighted perceptions of public transit, discouraging potential clients, current users, and advertisers from continuing patronage. Vandalism, whether on mirrors in bus stations or busses themselves, airport elevators, or train windows, creates sanitary and safety concerns that diminish ridership when Denver needs people to engage with mass transit more and more in order to alleviate congestion and improve air quality. Graffiti Shield films provide a proven, workable, cost-effective solution to the unsightly vandalism that mars public places.

Metal Shield For Denver Transit System Metal Graffiti Restoration

Graffiti, particularly paint on metal, causes extensive corrosion and damage to the structure, requiring long, harsh chemical and mechanical remediation regimes that often fail to completely restore the metal. The remediation process of graffiti in trains, buses, and stations adds further inconvenience and delays for passengers when sections must be closed or cars taken out of service. Metal Shield, a thick, graffiti obscuring film, provides a protective layer to those original services, thwarting graffiti and easing total restoration.

Glass Shield For Denver Transit System Glass Graffiti Removal

Graffiti commonly appears on the glass windows and mirrors on trains, buses, shelters, and stations. Very costly to Denver taxpayers to remove and refinish, this type of tagging and marking is often reapplied once removed by the offending parties. Glass Shield acts as a sacrificial layer on glass surfaces, shielding the base surfaces, but swiftly and effectively removed along with any vandalism applied atop it, saving the city copious amounts in costs for glass removal and resurfacing.

Mirror Shield For Denver Transit System Mirror Graffiti Removal

Once a mirror is defiled in a public place, it must be entirely removed and replaced. Not so with Mirror Shield. This amazing film mimics the reflective surface of the mirror when applied over graffiti damage for a beautiful, new, unblemished finish. Should the mirrored film be vandalized or scratched again, the film can be simply and cost-effectively removed.

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