Unveiling the Truth: Myths About Sun Control Window Film in Denver Debunked

Denver sun control window film

At Denver Window Home, we understand the pivotal role that sun control window film in Denver plays in managing energy costs and enhancing comfort in homes and businesses. With this blog, our aim is to debunk common myths surrounding sun control window film in Denver. Given Denver’s diverse climate, which experiences intensely sunny summers and chilly winters, the advantages of sun control window film are particularly relevant and beneficial.

Myth 1: Sun Control Window Film Makes Interiors Too Dark

A common misconception about sun control window film is that it overly darkens interiors. However, thanks to technological advances, contemporary films are expertly engineered to reduce heat without significantly obstructing natural light. At Denver Window Film, we provide a range of options that maintain a balance between light transmission and effective heat reduction. This ensures that your space remains luminous while staying cool and comfortable, even during the peak of summer.

Myth 2: Window Film Looks Unattractive and Bubbles Over Time

Some individuals believe that window films can distort the appearance of their windows, fearing issues like bubbling or peeling. At Denver Window Film, we utilize premium materials and expert installation techniques to ensure smooth, appealing finishes that enhance rather than detract from visual appeal. Our professional-grade films are designed to resist bubbling and peeling over time, maintaining their aesthetic and functional qualities year after year.

Myth 3: Sun Control Window Film Doesn’t Really Save Energy

Contrary to some beliefs, sun control window film significantly contributes to energy savings. For instance, studies, including those from the Florida Solar Energy Center, demonstrate that window film can reduce cooling needs by up to 30% by blocking up to 79% of solar heat. In Denver’s sunny climate, this equates to reduced air conditioning usage, leading to lower energy bills and enhanced indoor comfort.

Myth 4: Installation is Disruptive and Time-Consumming

Another concern is that the installation of window film is a hassle and disrupts daily activities. Denver Window Film specializes in swift and efficient installations, ensuring the process is streamlined and minimally invasive. Homeowners and business owners can continue with their daily routines with minimal disruption, as our expert team works efficiently to complete installations, often within a single day.

Myth 5: Window Film Can Damage Windows

There is a fear that sun control window film might damage windows, causing issues such as glass breakage or seal failure. This is why a professional assessment and correct installation are essential. Our experts ensure that the film is compatible with your specific window system, safeguarding your investment and boosting your windows’ functionality without the risk of damage.

Myth 6: There’s No Need for Window Film in Winter

Finally, some assume that sun control window film is only beneficial in the summer. However, the perks extend throughout the year. Our window films also possess insulating properties that help retain warmth during Denver’s colder months, reducing heat loss and contributing to overall thermal comfort in your living or workspaces.


To summarize, the misconceptions about sun control window film often stem from outdated information or unfamiliarity with the latest product advancements. Sun control window films offer a multitude of benefits that include, but are not limited to, significant energy savings, enhanced comfort, and increased privacy while maintaining natural light and views. We encourage Denver residents to look beyond the myths and consider the genuine, tested advantages of installing sun control window films. If you have any questions or would like a quotation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Denver Window Home at (303) 731-5024 or email us at contact@denverwindowfilm.com.

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