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UV Blocking Window Film and Indoor Plants

When it comes to UV-blocking window film, one question we frequently encounter as a window film company is its potential impact on indoor plants. At Denver Window Film, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy and vibrant environment for your cherished green companions. Rest assured, UV window film not only ensures the well-being of […]

Furniture Fading, Floor Fading, and the Films That Stop Them

With recent supply chain issues and inflation, the cost of living in Denver has gone up, so it’s become more crucial than ever to take care of your belongings. One area of your home that is both costly to replace and vulnerable to damage are hardwood floors and furniture.  If looked after properly, these items […]

What is RF Blocking Window Film?

Radiofrequency waves are all around us here in Denver area and most other cities around the world. The closer you are to a city center the more likely it is that your home or business is being bombarded by Radio Frequency. This type of radiofrequency poses two threats to you. One could be to your […]

How Window Film Can Defend Your Denver Home from UV Radiation

How Window Film Can Defend Your Denver Home from UV Radiation In an era where the sun and heat in Denver are more powerful than ever before, blocking UV rays beaming into your home is an absolute must. Of course, you could use blinds and/or curtains that are somewhat effective but these only take care […]

How to Keep Art and Furniture From Fading in Denver Museums with Window Film

Denver is really blessed with a lot of sunshine even during the cold, snowy winter months. With incredible natural sunlight available pretty much year-round, many museums may want to take advantage of this benefit. Unfortunately, without the proper solution, sunlight can severely damage art and furniture. UV exposure leads to fading, discoloration, and permanent damage. […]

Denver Window Tinting Fact Vs.Fiction

There is a lot of different information out there on window tinting. Sometimes with all the chatter, both good and about window tinting, it is hard to decipher what may or may not be true. At Denver Window Film we would like to take some time to set the record straight on various truths and […]

A Stellar Endorsement For Window Film From Lifestyle Guru: Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson is one of the countries foremost bloggers on home and lifestyle topics. A successful businesswoman in her own right, she finds time to write about must have home products and services for everyday people. Recently she came to experience the benefits of window film in her own home and much like our customers–she […]

Window Film Protects Your Family From The Colorado Sun

Window Film Protection From Harmful UVA Rays In Colorado Colorado is a wonderful state to call home.  We at Denver Window Film know this because we are headquartered here in the lovely Mile High City.  Our Winters are short and our mild Falls dwindle late into October.  The sun truly shines over 300 days a […]

Window Film for Blocking Radiation in Your Home or Office

With certain types of window film, blocking radiation (EMF or RF) is now possible. RF radiation is one specific part of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation known as EMFs. We are bombarded with these frequencies every day, and no one quite knows their cumulative long-term effects. However, there are those who claim a real sensitivity […]